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The Story of Doctor Dolittle

I recommend The Story of Doctor Dolittle too. This wonderful book is about a man named John Dolittle M.D. M.D. means that he is a proper doctor and knows a whole lot. People would say, “There goes the Doctor! He’s a clever man!” Now Dr. Dolittle was very rich. But he turned poor because of his pets. There was an old lady who was sick, but unfortunately she came when the hedgehog was sleeping on the couch, and she sat on the hedgehog. After that mess, the lady never came back to Dr. Dolittle again but instead drove out to a doctor who lived miles away. He started losing money more and more until he was poor. He became an animal doctor, not one of those doctors who aren’t that good, no siree. John Dolittle was an animal doctor who could talk to animals. One day he received a call from Africa from a sparrow. But because it was raining, the poor little sparrow was all wet. The kind doctor took the sparrow inside and put him by the fire, where he was nice and warm. Then he received the message from the sparrow, who said that all the monkeys in Africa had heard of him and wanted him to come over, so he did and had lots of adventures. When he came back, he brought a pushmi-pullyu back to Puddleby on the Marsh, his hometown, and got rich. However, Dr. Dolittle never put the pushmi-pullyu in a menagerie.

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