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Storm Havoc

I didn’t tell you that if something interesting enough happened to me, I would tell you about it.

Well, here it is:

Storm Havoc by Enoch Lu

One stormy night in October, I was indoors with Mom. Luckily, it had started out as only a light drizzle of rain, and then later it had turned into a downpour. Little did I know that the rain was only beginning. Later, after dinner, we went to the Diamond Bar Center at Summitridge Park. While Mom was driving, I remembered when I was back home doing my homework and watching the rain and the hail that was just starting to form. I also watched the storm outside of the car, and I heard it again: thunder, just like the one I had heard at home. When we got to the Diamond Bar Center, we opened the door and got out. Surprisingly, it had stopped raining, and there wasn’t any more hail or lightning, so even though it was cold and the parking lot had lots of big puddles, I only needed to wear a jacket, and I didn’t need to wear a waterproof jacket, either, or pull the hood over my head. So we walked in, and Mom asked the person at the front desk where the ballroom was (that was where the movie was and also the only reason we came there). After the person at the front desk said where it was, Mom took me to the ballroom, and she sat down. I lost her, though, and I couldn’t find her until I saw her sitting somewhere. After I sat down and ate snacks while watching the movie (for a very long time) we went home and I went straight to bed after brushing my teeth.

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