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Digory the Dragon Slayer

I highly recommend this book for you. Digory the Dragon Slayer is a wonderful book that teaches a moral in courage. Digory is a boy who lives in a town named Batter-by-Noodle. He is a boy who is laughed at, teased at, and hurt. Fortunately, Digory always solved the problem by playing by himself in the woods. Unfortunately, one day he found a dragon’s tooth, and that is where all his bad luck began. His bad luck began when he wore the tooth on his hat. News travels fast around Batter-by-Noodle, so pretty soon the whole town knew about Digory’s tooth, and they thought he had slayed a dragon, so everyone thought he was a hero. Unfortunately, if the town’s name didn’t tip you off, the people who lived in Batter-by-Noodle weren’t very intelligent, so they didn’t remember the fact that their town was hardly the kind of place a dragon would live in. And unfortunately,(again), they wanted to dub him a knight. So they called the Squire (There weren’t any kings in Batter-by-Noodle.) But the Squire told them he was just a Squire, so they crowned him king and then he dubbed Digory a knight. And then they told him to go off into the woods in search of so-called other dragons to slay. But all he could find was a king and a princess named Enid (The princess, not the king). So the king said that if Digory could do a list of twelve things, he would be crowned a prince. So the twelve things were very simple, because they were just chores and other sorts of chores like getting the Cook’s cat off of the tree. He told the king that he had done all the twelve things. And some several days later, the king called them into a meeting. The king said that he had forgotten what it was…….. Oh! He remembered now. It was something about a dragon. Yes, Digory had to go slay a dragon. And that is where the interesting things happen.

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