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Many Waters

One book that I highly recommend you to read is Many Waters. It is a very interesting book about when the Murry twins: Sandy and Dennys, finally get their chance to have an adventure when they go to their mom and dad’s lab to get some cocoa and stumble upon a sign on the door that says: Experiment in progress: Keep out! Sandy and Dennys go inside and unfortunately for both of them, Dennys messes around with the computer by typing: Take us somewhere hot. But this is bad news for them because their parents were testing an experiment with space travel, and because supposedly space/time is in a continuum, the twins get transported back in time to B.C., at the time of the Bible, at the time of Noah’s ark. This book isn’t different from any other adventure book, but it’s more interesting since they need to find a way to get out of the past and back into the present before the flood, because if they are on the ark, then that will change history because the Bible never said that anyone called Sandy and Dennys were on the ark. Also, if they die in the past, then they will cease to exist because where they die affects what happens, because if they die at that time, that time was before they were born, making them cease to exist.

2 responses to “Many Waters

  1. upraisemeup says:

    how is this book different from other adventure book?

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