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Evangeline Mudd’s Great Mink Rescue

Evangeline Mudd’s Great Mink Rescue is the best book ever. Ever hear the saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover”? Well, this book definitely fits the description.

It may look okay, but seriously, this book is awesome. This book is about Evangeline Mudd and how she saves the all of the captured minks from being turned into

mink jackets by setting them free. It all begins when Evangeline Mudd receives a letter from “Miss B. Eversharp”. But when she looks at the bottom, it says, “Leader of PUFF.

She remembered that she did promise something  to the leader of PUFF (Who Evangeline nicknames the Pencil). The promise that Miss B. Eversharp asks her to honor is

to save the minks. So she goes to the apartment and says her name is Libby Rick. Later, she finds a way to free the minks with the help of Alexy Alexy. After she frees the minks,

she returns home and her mom who was pregnant had already given birth to a baby while she was gone, but they couldn’t decide what the name should be, so they made

the choice up to Evangeline. Evangeline names the baby Alexy Alexy Mudd in remembrance of her good friend. The moral is to be kind to animals. This adventure book is fun

with laughs and excitement. Please read this book.

One response to “Evangeline Mudd’s Great Mink Rescue

  1. upraisemeup says:

    Sounds like a great book to read. Thanks! please recommand more books. Can you suggest some of the Newberry Award books?

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