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A Wizard Alone

A Wizard Alone is a very nice book about this guy called Kit. Kit is a wizard, and all wizards have this thing called an Ordeal where they enter a test to see

if they are strong enough to face the Lone Power, the most evil force on earth. Kit investigates Darryl’s Ordeal when his Ordeal takes a very long time.

He finds out that Darryl is a kid with autism, and that is why his mind is departed for the Ordeal, not his whole body. Kit also finds out (with help from

Nita, another wizard) that he is one of the Pillars (people who can be in two places at the same time).  Darryl promises the

Lone Power that he will stay inside his mind, but Kit and Nita find a solution: Darryl should leave his autism behind.

This is a good book.


Doctor Dolittle’s author is a Newbery award author.

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