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Trust in God

on June 24, 2013

I read Sena today, which is a devotional for kids and teens,

and what I learned was that when Peter and the other disciples

were out in the sea fishing with Jesus, there was a huge storm.

Now Jesus was sleeping below deck, completely oblivious to the storm.

Or so it seemed. The other disciples ran below deck and asked, “Jesus, don’t

you care?” Jesus immediately woke up and told them, “Why are you so afraid?

You have little faith.” Then he walked up and stood on the deck of the boat. “Hush!

be still!” Suddenly, the storm stopped. What I have learned from this was that

in the midst of any “storm”,  Jesus will always be in control.


My Prayer

Dear God,

Please help me to have faith that you are in control.

In Jesus’ Name,



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